Schedule your AWS resources

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AutomatiCloud is an easy to use scheduler that can automate the operation of your Amazon Web Services cloud resources.

  • BACKUP EC2 Instances
  • save all your data by creating scheduled backups of your EBS volumes
  • CREATE AMI (Amazon Machine Image)
  • Create easy to recover sets of snapshots
  • Execute scripts before/after backup
  • VSS Support / Consistent Snapshots
    • Backup SQL Server
    • Backup Microsoft Exchange
    • Backup Oracle on Windows
  • backup your RDS instances by creating scheduled snapshots
  • create GFS backup schedules (grandfather-father-son)
  • copy snapshots to different region
  • clean up your storage by deleting unneeded snapshots
  • START / STOP EC2 Instances
  • reduce costs by starting and stopping your EC2 instances automatically only when you need them
  • create dynamic schedules based on tags
  • organize your snapshots with dynamic tags
  • manage multiple accounts in different regions
  • easy to use user interface
  • have full control without giving away access keys to third parties
  • send notification emails
  • installs on Windows Server 2008/2012 or Windows 7/8/10
  • full support for AWS long IDs
  • AutomatiCloud is free. Advanced features require a license

3 thoughts on “Schedule your AWS resources”

  1. Stephen,
    Your AutomatiCloud app is great stuff.

    – Add description to snapshots
    – Add a note column to the config, i.e. “Server daily backup – temp”

    Many thanks!

  2. Great app! Love that it remained free with version 2.

    If you are looking for a worry free windows based app to keep up with creating snapshots of EBS volumes, this is the app for you.

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Schedule your AWS Resources