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You can use AutomatiCloud for free. For some of the advanced features you need to have a license.

FeatureFree VersionLicensed Version
Create EC2 snapshots (<50GB volume size)yesyes
Create EC2 snapshots (unlimited volume size)noyes
Copy EC2 snapshots to another regionnoyes
Create RDS snapshots (1 core)yesyes
Create RDS snapshots (unlimited cores)noyes
Define retention period for old snapshotsyesyes
Create GFS (grandfather-father-son) schedulesnoyes
Create AMI (Amazon Machine Image)noyes
Execute scripts before/after snapshotnoyes
VSS Agent for consistent snapshotsnoinstance license required
Start EC2 instances (1 core)yesyes
Start EC2 instances (unlimited cores)noyes
Stop EC2 instances (1 core)yesyes
Stop EC2 instances (unlimited cores)noyes
Backup EC2 instance (stop, snapshot, start) in one single jobnoyes
Backup Dynamo Tablenoyes
Use multiple settings / accountsnoyes
Control instances in multiple regionsnoyes
Send email notificationsyesyes
Tag snapshotsyesyes
Create schedules based on instance IDyesyes
Create schedules based on tagsyesyes
Installs on Windows Server 2008/2012 or Windows 7/8/10yesyes


  • Download AutomatiCloud here.
  • Install AutomatiCloud.
  • Test AutomatiCloud for 15 days with all features enabled.
  • After 15 days you will need a license for some advanced features ( see above).
  • If you want to enable all features again: Buy a license using the PayPal button. Make sure that you enter the correct mail address. Note the PayPal transaction ID. You will need it later.
  • Start AutomatiCloud.
  • Open the license request dialog: Help | License
  • Fill out the form using the same mail address you used above.
  • Send the license request by mail. Your license will be activated within 1-3 days.
  • One license allows you to install AutomatiCloud on one computer. You can control an unlimited number of EC2 and RDS  instances in multiple regions. The license is valid for one year for all version 4.x.y.
  • Customers with valid version 3 licenses will need a new license after upgrading.
  • Enjoy AutomatiCloud…


Please transition to the updated PayPal settings by configuring them within the "WP Accept PayPal Payment" plugin's settings menu.
1 Year AutomatiCloud Version 4 License
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