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You can use AutomatiCloud for free. For some of the advanced features you need to have a license.

FeatureFree VersionLicensed Version
Create EC2 snapshots (<500GB volume size)yesyes
Create EC2 snapshots (unlimited volume size)noyes
Copy EC2 snapshots to another regionnoyes
Create RDS snapshots (1-2 cores)yesyes
Create RDS snapshots (>2 cores)noyes
Define retention period for old snapshotsyesyes
Create GFS (grandfather-father-son) schedulesnoyes
Create AMI (Amazon Machine Image)noyes
Execute scripts before/after snapshotnoyes
VSS Agent for consistent snapshotsnohost license required
Start EC2 instances (1-2 cores)yesyes
Start EC2 instances (>2 cores)noyes
Stop EC2 instances (1-2 cores)yesyes
Stop EC2 instances (>2 cores)noyes
Backup EC2 instance (stop, snapshot, start) in one single jobnoyes
Use multiple settings / accountsnoyes
Control instances in multiple regionsnoyes
Send email notificationsyesyes
Tag snapshotsyesyes
Create schedules based on instance IDyesyes
Create schedules based on tagsyesyes
Installs on Windows Server 2008/2012 or Windows 7/8/10yesyes


  • Download AutomatiCloud here.
  • Install AutomatiCloud.
  • Test AutomatiCloud for 15 days with all features enabled.
  • After 15 days you will need a license for some advanced features ( see above).
  • If you want to enable all features again: Buy a license using the PayPal button. Make sure that you enter the correct mail address. Note the PayPal transaction ID. You will need it later.
  • Start AutomatiCloud.
  • Open the license request dialog: Help | License
  • Fill out the form using the same mail address you used above.
  • Send the license request by mail. The license will be sent to you within 1-3 days.
  • One license allows you to install AutomatiCloud on one computer. You can control an unlimited number of EC2 and RDS  instances in multiple regions. It is a lifetime license valid for all version 3.x.y.
  • Save the license file in the application directory. Restart GUI and background service.
  • Enjoy AutomatiCloud…


AutomatiCloud Version 3 License
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