Version History

11.8.14 1.0.14 first public version
23.9.14 1.0.88 schedules based on tags, cleanup of backups, improved signed setup
11.1.15 1.1.200 jobs can be edited now, improved setup, reduced logging, update check
9.5.15 1.1.224 added functionality to create RDS snapshots
17.6.15 1.2.234 added e-mail notification for successful/failed jobs
22.6.15 1.2.241 minor fixes
25.6.15 1.2.241 setup file fixed
3.8.15 1.2.241 jobs can be edited now, improved setup, reduced logging, update check
22.8.15 2.0.352 EU-Central added, multiple parameter sets, improved tagging, comments
24.8.15 2.0.361 minor GUI fixes
28.8.15 2.0.363 fixed trial period handling
11.9.15 2.0.371 print time zone in service logfile
11.11.15 3.0.396 improved error handling and logging. new license schema.
25.12.15 3.0.423 improved license file handling. $VOLUME tag fixed. EC2 instance selection fixed in add job, retention time display fixed
15.1.16 3.1.530 support for asia region (seoul), automatic backup of internal database, option to pause jobs, copy snapshot option, option to name jobs, improved mail notifications, new joblist tab
13.2.16 3.1.552 config option for missed triggers, $MON macro, job name in in job list, service set to startup delayed
4.5.16 3.2.620 New “Backup EC2 Instance” job type, long-id support, t2.nano support, GFS backup
23.6.16 3.2.629 Fix “Backup EC2 Instance” jobs not running, X1.32xlarge support, improved error handling for network issues
2.8.16 3.2.638 fixed settings handling, fixed parallel copy region jobs, add Mumbai region, add GovCloud region
28.10.16 3.3.776 add create AMI job, add execute script, fix load retention period, add VSS agent
7.11.16 3.3.779 fix installer, fix cross region copy with multiple settings, fix Linux script execution
12.11.16 3.3.780 fix create snapshot dialog
18.1.17 3.3.819 add regions for Canada and London, fixed “copy to” regions, add “copyonly” flag for snapshots, new tag macros $ATTACHMENT $DELETEON
7.2.17 3.3.820 improved focus handling in job list, fixed regions for Canada and London, fixed “copy to” regions
12.5.17 3.3.822 fixed cleanup in remote regions, fixed license check
18.12.17 4.0.859 fixed license dialog
3.2.18 4.1.861 support for region EU(Paris), improved license handling
10.6.18 4.1.862 fixed snapshot cleanup in us-gov cloud
13.6.19 4.2.871 fixed memory leak in mail generation, support for latest regions, add rds db-optiongroup, automatic cleanup of obsolete jobs, improved network error handling during GUI startup
4.1.20 4.2.872 add option for “consistent backup” (multi volume snapshot) to “Backup EC2”, improve license dialog
17.1.20 4.2.876 “Backup Dynamo Job” added, tag snapshots created for AMI
23.4.21 4.2.884 caching of license information, cross region copy of encrypted EBS and RDS snapshots, fix sporadic error of AMI tagging, upgrade to latest AWS SDK, support for new regions
6.6.21 4.2.887 stability improvements

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